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150 years of mahatma

About Logo

In no way the logo should be used unless NISER is officially involved with a person or an organisation.

National Institute of Science Education and Research has been established to promote and nurture excellence in education and research in basic sciences. The logo of NISER symbolises important aspects of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. It is recognised that revolutionary discoveries are made with important ingredients such as intuition, creativity and imaginations.

The central dividing strip is a DNA. The discovery of double helix structure was a major break through in biology. It has been said that revealing the structure of DNA is the most important step forward in life sciences after Darwin's theory of evolution. The story of DNA is like thriller as has been narrated by Crick and Watson.
On the left side is a Benzene ring. Kekule's idea revolutionised understanding of organic chemistry. The original idea that there are alternating single and double bonds in Benzene is very radical. The study of the nature of chemical bond, in the optics of quantum chemistry, has occupied several generations of chemists.

The picture on the right hand side represents horizon of a black hole. Chandrashekar's seminal work, based on general theory, did not gain acceptance. However, subsequent works revealed his genius. Physics of the black hole is not understood completely to-day and it presents major challenges to conceptual foundations of physics.

The ornamental fractal like structure with eight arms inside the circle is of deep mathematical significance. It represents a genus 2, compact Riemann surface of constant negative curvature. The theory of Riemann surfaces marks a significant advancement in various branches including physics and imaging human brain.
The beauty of the above curve represents the beauty and elegance of mathematics.

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