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Infosys Prize 2021 in Physical Science category to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty

Infosys Prize

Infosys Prize 2021 in Physical Science category to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty

Short Citation of Prize:

The Infosys Prize in Physical Sciences is awarded to Bedangadas Mohanty for investigations of the nuclear force. At the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research he determined the transition temperature of the quark-gluon plasma to hadronic matter, observed heavy antimatter nuclei, observed nuclear spin-orbital angular momentum interactions, and other effects in quark-gluon plasma.

Expanded Citation of the Prize:

Bedangadas Mohanty expanded our understanding of the strong nuclear force. He is a leader in the STAR experiment at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the ALICE experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research. When a quark-gluon plasma (QGP) is formed in high energy nuclear collisions, it "coagulates" into ordinary hadronic matter via a phase transition. From these experiments Mohanty measured the temperature at which this happens and elucidated various other properties of the QGP.

Additionally, Prof. Mohanty was the first to observe heavier-than-hydrogen nuclei made of antimatter, to first to observe the formation of a QGP fluid with the largest known vorticity, and to study the physics of particle-production mechanisms, fragmentation processes and parton energy loss in the QGP medium. Finally, we note his contributions to searches for fractionally charged particles and Disoriented Chiral Condensates.

About the awardee:

Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty is an experimental high energy physicist at the National Institute of Science Education and Research in Bhubaneswar and at the Homi Bhabha National Institute in Mumbai. He earned his B.Sc. and his M.Sc. in Physics from Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, placing first in both cases, and his Ph.D. from the Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar.

Prof. Mohanty is a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, of the National Academy of Sciences, India, and of the American Physical Society in the USA.

He has held Fellowships and post-doctoral positions at the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (Kolkata) and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA). He has won the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (2015), the Swarna Jayanti Fellowship (2010-11), and the INSA Young Scientist Medal (2003).

Scope and Impact of work:

Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty's contributions have pushed the frontiers of our knowledge of the strong nuclear force.

Known as an energetic leader, he has driven the programs in the STAR experiment at Brookhaven National Lab (USA) and at the ALICE experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN, Switzerland) where he directed efforts towards elucidating important physics results. The quark-gluon plasma (QGP) formed at high nuclear densities and high temperatures cools down to ordinary hadronic matter via a phase transition. By studying, for instance, swings in the net baryon number at the critical point, Prof. Mohanty measured the temperature (around a trillion Kelvin) at which this happens. The implications of this measurement are far-reaching and go beyond nuclear physics, particularly in astrophysics and cosmology.

Prof. Mohanty's work that demonstrated various aspects of the QGP is likely to be emulated by experimenters who follow. His observations of nuclei made of antimatter that are heavier than hydrogen, specifically anti-helium and anti-hypertriton, provide conclusive evidence for these exotic particles after earlier results from experiments in satellites in orbit. Similarly, the uniquely powerful suggestion from Prof. Mohanty to exploit the very high magnetic fields in high-impact parameter nuclear collisions has undoubtedly paved the way for a new class of experiments. Finally, he has established new techniques in his studies of particle-production mechanisms, and in his contributions to searches for fractionally charged particles and Disoriented Chiral Condensates.

Congratulatory message from Jury Chair

The Infosys Prize recognizes your novel contributions to knowledge of the nuclear force. Your leadership and intellectual steering of the STAR (BNL) and ALICE (CERN) collaborations led to measurement of the transition temperature from quark-gluon plasma to hadronic matter. You observed the heaviest antimatter nucleus, searched for and observed spin-orbital angular momentum interactions and found re-scattering and collective effects in quark-gluon plasma. Congratulations, Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty

Other Congratulatory messages

Coming out of the Infosys Prize ceremony for this year in which I was an invited participant, I am immensely proud and delighted to share with you all a great piece of news about Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty being conferred the INFOSYS Prize in Physical Sciences for 2021. This indeed is a momentous achievement for NISER as one of its faculty members got recognised for his pioneering scientific research. Please join me in extending our hearty congratulations to Bedanga for this coveted award and wish him more such laurels in the days to come.

It also gives me immense pleasure to add further that he is a recipient of many other prestigious awards including the Shanti Swarup Bhattanagar award, Fellow of American Physical Society, Fellow of all science academies in India, J.C. Bose Fellowship, Swarna Jayanti Fellowship, INSA Young Science Medal, etc.

I sincerely hope that he continues to remain a source of inspiration for faculty members. Thank you Bedanga for keeping NISER's flag flying high.

Prof. Sudhakar Panda, Director, NISER

Prof. Mohanty !

Please keep it up the good work. Wish you and your team all the best for all future endeavours

Shri. K.N. Vyas, Secretary DAE & Chairman, BOG, NISER

Thank you for your mail and sharing the news of Infosys Prize in Physical Sciences 2021 being awarded to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty. Please convey my congratulations to Prof. Mohanty. Such recognitions in good numbers bring in a stature to institutions and become nuclei for attraction and snowballing of talent. That is how institutions achieve eminence. My best wishes to NISER in quickly scaling new heights in this context.

Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chancellor, HBNI & Former Chairman, AEC

Wonderful news. Hearty congratulations to Bedanga and NISER.

Prof. Madhavan Mukund, Director, CMI

Hearty congratulations to Prof. Mohanty and his team and NISER !

Prof. Jugal Verma, IIT-Bombay

Hearty congratulations to prof Mohanty and NISER team for such a high recognition All the best for the future

Prof.. Vimal Kumr Jain, Director, CEBS, Mumbai

It is truly a great pleasure to express my heartiest congratulations to Bedanga on this happy occasion of the prestigious INFOSIS Award being awarded to him in recognition to his pioneering contributions. It is a matter of great pride for all of us.

Thank you for sharing this great news.

Dr. Swapan K. Ghosh, CEBS, Mumbai

I am delighted to learn regarding the special honour conferred on Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty. My hearty congratulations to him for receiving for the Infosys prize, and best wishes for more such laurels. HBNI is indeed fortunate to have Prof. Mohanty among its faculty

Prof. P.R. Vasudeva Rao, Vice-Chancellor, HBNI, Mumbai

Heartiest congratulations to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty for this well deserved honour. This is a moment of great pride for NISER.

Prof. Pulin B. Nayak, DSE, Delhi University

Hearty congratulations to Prof. Mohanty. This is a Great achievement !

Dilip Maity, Dean & Registrar, HBNI Mumbai

My heartiest congratulations to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty and his team! It is a great achievement and honor to Prof Bedanga as well as NISER.

Prof. U.C. Mohanty, IIT-Bhubaneswar

My heartiest congratulations to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty.

Prof. K.K. Nanda, Director, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar

Dear Bedanga,
Wonderful news! Hearty congratulations on this rare recognition.

Prof. V. Chandrasekhar, Director, TIFR-Hyderabad

Hearty Congratulations!!!!

Prof. B J Rao, Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad

Great News. Hearty Congratulations to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty and whole of NISER fraternity

Dr. A.K. Dureja, HBNI Mumbai

Heartiest congratulations to Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty for this well deserved honour.

Prof. V. Ravindran, Director, IMSc, Chennai

Dear Prof. Mohanty,
Congratulations on your achievement.

The NISER family is extremely happy to see NISER's flag flying high through your achievements. Lord Jagannath may bless you to bring more laurels in future also.

Dr. A.K. Naik, Registrar, NISER

Congratulations to Prof. Mohanty.

Smt. Sushma Taishete, Joint Secretary (R&D), DAE

Heartiest congratulations, best wishes,

Smt. Richa Bagla, Joint Secretary (Finance), DAE

Thanks for the good news. Heartiest congratulations to Prof. Bedanga and to NISER for this big achievement!
Best regards

Prof. Shashank Chaturvedi, Director, IPR, Gandhinagar

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