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150 years of mahatma

Project Staff

Current R&D Project Staff

 #NamePosition PI's Name Project Code Project Title
1 Ms. Subhashree Patra PA Dr. Sutanu Roy MT1704 Braided Quantum Groups and Non-communicative  Geometry
2 Ms. Seetalsmita Samal PA Dr. Sutanu Roy MT1704 Braided Quantum Groups and Non-communicative  Geometry
3 Dr. Renuka Pradhan RA-I Dr. U. Lourderaj CH1803 Computational studies on the mechanism and dynamics of substitution reactions.
4 Ms. Sudipta Paul JRF Dr. Subhankar Mishra CS1901 Auto BIM: automatic discovery and construction of building information model
5 Dr. Narasingarao Palepu RA-II Prof. A .Srinivasan CH1802 Contracted and Expanded Porphyrin Analogues with Polycyclic Aromatic Units: Syntheses and Applications
6 Dr. Monojit Das RA Dr. Prasenjit Mal CH1801 Visible light photoredox organocatalysis via two photon excitation methodology in oxidative cross coupling reactions
7 Dr. Shabbir Shaikh RA-I Dr. Tuhin Ghosh PH1902 Modelling and simulation of polarized dust emission using the Planck data and external templates
8 Dr. Amarnath Bollu RA Dr. Nagendra Sharma CH1806 CRISPR-RNA-Cas9 System: Syntheses and Biochemical Evaluations of Nucleobase Modified tropolonyl-Ribose Nucleoside in CRISPR-RNA
9 Ms. Divya Radhakrishnan JRF Dr. S. Peruncheralathan CH1805 Catalytic, Enantioselective Desymmetrization of Prochiral and meso-compounds with Quaternary Carbon Centers
10 Dipak Kumar Sahoo SPA Dr. H.S Biswal CH1808 Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopic investigations of Thioamides as potential surrogates of Amides in Peptides
11 Antarjami Sahoo SPA Dr. Subhankar Bedanta PH1702 Tuning the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Ultrathin Magnetic Films: toward the stabilization of skyrmions in spintronics devices
12 Sagarika Nayak SPA Dr. Subhankar Bedanta PH1706 Creating magnetic interface in non-magnetic organic thin films for spintronic applications.
13 Bushra Hayat PA-II Dr. Debasmita P. Alone BL1906 Proteostasis Impairment in the Progression of Pseudoexfoliation syndrome and Glaucoma
14 Kumari Anisa TA (Part Time) Dr. Kishore C.S Panigrahi BL1907 Development of a plant based platform for the production of human interleukin 33(hIL33) in moss, physcomitrella patens
15 Sarat Kumar Khandai TA Dr. Kishore C.S Panigrahi BL1701 Correlation of PhyB and Auxin Signaling in patterning the root development in Arabidopsis.
16 Mr. Lokesh Gupta JRF Dr. P.C. Ravikumar CH1804 Development of first row transition metal catalyzed C-H activation approach for the enantioselective synthesis of complex tri- and tetra-cyclic alkaloid natural product and their hybrid structures
17 Mr. Narayan Jana RA-I Dr. Bidraha Bagh CH1807 Activation of Small Molecules and Hydrofunctionalizations by Cooperative Catalysis with Sustainable First Row Transition metals and Non-innocent Ligands

Past R&D Project Staff

 #NamePositione-mail (@
 2Amit ChakrabortyPDF (SCS) Since 2015-Aprachakraborty
 1Dipankar SahooPDF (SCS) Since 2014-Augdipankar.sahoo
 2Jitendra KumarPDF (SCS) Since 2015-Marjitendra
 2Subrata KunduPDF (SCS) Since 2015-Junskundu
 3V KrishnakumarPDF (SCS) vkrishnakumar
 4Sumit MohantyPDF (SMS) Since 2015-Junsumitmth
 5Chitrasen JenaPDF (SPS) Since 2015-Julcjena
 5Debi Prasad DattaPDF (SPS) Since 2015-Febdebi
 6Purba BhattacharyaPDF (SPS) Since 2015-Marpurba.bhattacharya
 7G. KarthikRA (SCS) Since 2014-Octkarthikchemtnj
 8Joydeb GouraRA (SCS) Since 2014-Juljg
 9Ajay Kumar DashRA (SPS) Since 2015-Janajayd
 12R Suriya NarayananRA-I (SCS) Since 2014-Decrsury
 11Soumya MaityRA-I (SCS) Since 2013-Mayapusoumya
 12Ashutosh Sharan SinghSRA (SCS) Since 2015-Febashussingh
 13Mamata PanigrahiJRF (SBS) Since 2012-Sepmamata
 14Nitika PradhanJRF (SCS) Since 2012-Aprnitikapradhan
 15Swastik DashPA swastik
 16Uttam Kumar PatraPA patra.uttam
 17Trilok Nandan MohantyPA (R&D) trilok.n.mohanty
 18Pradyumna Kumar SahooPA-II (SBS) pradyumna
 19Swetapadma MajhiPA-II (SBS) swetabio19
 20Ashok Kumar BarikPAtt. (SBS) -
 21Kamya SinghPF-I (SBS) kamyasingh
 22Minu SahooPF-I (SBS) m.sahoo
 23Nirlipta SwainPF-I (SBS) nirliptaswain
 24Prakash Priyadarshi PraharajPF-I (SBS) prakash.praharaj
 25Subhashree DasPF-I (SBS) subhashree
 26Priyaranjan MallickPF-I (SMS) pmmath
 27Sukanta Kumar JenaPF-I (SPS) sukanta
 28Pratheek B.MPF-II (SBS) bmp
 29ShikhaPF-III (SBS) shikhapf
 30Soham SahaPF-III (SBS) soham_saha
 31Sourajit Soumya Ranjan DasPF-III (SBS) sourajit
 32Subrata NandiPF-III (SMS) subrotoster
 33Akhilesh Kumar PatelPF-III (SPS) akhilesh.bhu5
 34Awanish PandeyPF-III (SPS) awanishp
 35Bandana BarikPF-III (SPS) bandana
 36Vijay Kumar SagarPF-III (SPS) vijaysagar002
 37Sachikanta RoutLab. Attendant (SBS) sachikanta

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