Dr. Nagendra Kumar Sharma
Associate Professor

Recent Publication

  • New Amino acid, Hybrid Peptides and BODIPY Analogs: Synthesis and Evaluation of 2-Aminotroponyl-L-Alanine (ATA) Derivatives, Gupta, M. K. and Sharma N. K,* Org. Biomol. Chem. 2022, Accepted, (DOI: 10.1039/D2OB01905A).
  • Synthesis of Aminotroponyl-/Difluoroboronyl aminotropnyl Deoxyuridine Phosphoramidites, Palai, B. B; Panda, S. S.; Sharma, N. K.* Current Protocols (Nucleic Acid Chemistry), 2022, Accepted (10.1002/cpz1.609; NIHMS1849635).
  • Cu-Catalyzed Synthesis of Alkylaminotroponyl Sulfones as Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum Sensing Inhibitors Targeting lasI/R QS Circuitry, Meher, S.; Kumari, S.; Dixit, M.*; Sharma, N. K.* Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2022 (Just Accepted)
  • Fluorescent DNA analog: 2-aminotroponyl-pyrrolyl-2'-deoxyuridinyl DNA oligo enhance fluorescence in DNA-duplex as compared to 2-aminotroponyl-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridinyl DNA oligo, Bollu, A.; Panda, S. S.; Sharma, N. K.* Nucl. Nucl. Nucl. Acids 2022 (Accept)
  • Novel Cinnamic Acid Analogues: Synthesis of Aminotroponyl Acrylates by Pd(II)-Catalysed C(sp2)-H Olefination, Jena, K. C.; and Sharma, N. K.* Chem. Commun., 2022,58, 8077-8080
  • Non-Benzenoid BODIPY Analogues: Synthesis, Structural Organization, Photophysical Studies and Cell Internalization of Biocompatible N-Alkyl-Aminotroponyl Difluoro-Boron (alkyl-ATB) Complexes. Palai, B. B.; Kumari, S.; Dixit, M.; Sharma, N. K. 2022, Accp)
  • Unnatural Amino Acid: 4-Aminopyrazolonyl Amino Acid Comprising Tri-Peptides Forms Organogel With Co-Solvent (EtOAc:Hexane); Bollu, A.; Giri, P.; Dalabehera, N. R.; Asmi, A. R.; Sharma, N. K. Front Chem. 2022;10,821971

About Me

He received Ph.D. (Chemistry) award (2006) from premier research institute of CSIR, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)-Pune and University of Pune, Pune (India) under the supervision of Prof. Krishna N. Ganesh. He was involved in the chemical synthesis of nucleic acid analogue, Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) and related molecules and demonstrated their comparative biophysical studies with DNA/RNA. He did postdoctoral research as NIH-postdoctoral fellow (2006-2009) under the guidance of Prof. Dale C. Poulter, University of Utah-Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). He was involved in the syntheses of various substrate/inhibitors of isoprenoid IPP isomerases enzymes (IDI-1 & IDI-2) and shown the reaction mechanism of IPP-DMAPP isomerization. Currently he is associate professor at NISER-Bhubaneswar and involved in the teaching and fundamental research in the area of organic chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry. He is very keen to explore the peptides-Nucleic acid interactions in the central dogma of biology (Replication/Transcription/Translation). His research laboratory mainly comprise the synthesis of modified amino acids/peptides and DNA/RNA analogues to improve biochemical properties of native ones which are in demands for the development of new therapeutic drug candidates. His group has established the synthesis of unnatural amino acids/peptides via C-H activation for new peptides foldamers. Now his laboratory is capable for the chemical/enzymatic syntheses of conjugated DNA/RNA analogues. Recently he has started the synthesis of modify CRISPR analogues to improve the nuclease activity of CRISP-Cas9 complex with specific DNA duplex in vitro/in vivo conditions.      


Organic Synthesis and Bioorganic Chemistry

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Room No. 315, School of Chemical Sciences,National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER)-Bhubaneswar, Jatni Campus, Jatni-752050 (Odisha) India 


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