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Welcome to  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NISER.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences building,NISER

The utility of Liberal Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering , Mathematics (STEM)education is one that is generally decided in terms of imparting 'values' to students. The idea is to ensure that the education that they receive and the skills that they acquire prepare them for a responsible life, one that empowers them through accountability. While this might be true, to an extent, in varying degrees; a crucial enabler, one that is a powerful source of agency is the idea that students are not passive recipients of a value system deemed socially appropriate. A liberating functionality and aesthetic emerges when individuals become active arbiters of social coda, when they equip themselves with the ability to interrogate notions of value and excavate the reasons for which they find or do not find favour. The capacity to generate ideas that gain social traction, to understand the context of scientific transaction, the rigor to critique process and detail driven innovation becomes a determiner in the quest for social and intellectual inclusion in our country, a cause which lies at the very heart of Institutions such as ours.

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