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राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान शिक्षा एवं अनुसंधान संस्थान
National Institute of Science Education and Research

Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences, NISER

Understanding biology and its complex processes is key to understand nature and its creativity. The knowledge thus obtained helps one to gain better insights about diverse organisms (uni- and multi-) at different levels. Such studies help address questions on evolution, co-existence, survival, defense, growth, resistance and pathophysiology. To achieve this objective, the discipline requires a coherent involvement of researchers and academicians from other disciplines of science and humanities to accordingly shape its endeavour.

The School of Biological Sciences (SBS) is one of the major schools @ NISER established in September 2007. Since its inception, SBS has been involved in mixing and imparting traditional wisdom with modern technology by developing a research programs along with a vibrant teaching curriculum. SBS promotes scholarly and innovative thinking to conduct cutting edge research in diverse areas ranging from molecular to organismic biology. To facilitate the process, the school offers 5-year integrated MSc programme, PhD programme and Post-Doctoral programme to motivate and train students. SBS aims to establish as a center of excellence with its efforts grown up rapidly and signs of its achievements are being noticed at national and international levels in terms of work and student placements. To further strengthen the SBS research program, an Integrated PhD program initiative is under progress.


  • To strive to become a centre of excellence in education and research in biological sciences providing training at undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level
  • To provide effective interdisciplinary learning ambience through extensive subject coverage in all fields of modern biology and inter-phasing with other scientific disciplines
  • To equip its students to keep pace with recent developments in the field of scientific research
  • To undertake high quality research activities in defined areas of biosciences so as to make an impact at national and international level
  • To impart professional training for skilled human resource development across the state and country through short term training courses
  • To strive to develop state of the art infrastructure comparable to best anywhere in the world


  • Postdoctoral programme

    At present a modest post-doctoral programme is in place. These PDF/RA positions are purely on temporary basis and this programme supports scientific ambitions of the young candidates with an aim to build independent research career afterwards. In addition, there are PDF/RA candidates working in different labs and these positions are supported by extramural funding’s to individual PIs.

  • PhD

    The School of Biological Sciences (SBS) provides an excellent hub for research in the Life Sciences as well as in interdisciplinary fields. The PhD program at SBS incorporates several areas of study in the field of Biology that provides state-of-the-art opportunity for learning and innovation. At present there are 16 independent labs operated by highly qualified and motivated Faculty members where PhD students can enrol and conduct their thesis work. The PhD program at SBS started in January 2010. Admissions are generally conducted twice in an academic year. Candidates are selected through a two-round interview process. As of July 2017, SBS has more than 60 PhD students pursuing their thesis work and 9 students have been awarded PhD degree.

  • 5 Year Integrated MSc Programme

    The School of Biology, offers a 5-year integrated MSc course in Biology. Students enter this course after their higher secondary school at 10+2 level through a highly competitive National Entrance Screening Test (NEST) with fellowships. Students earn Integrated Master’s degree after successful completion of the course and research work. The course curriculum has been developed as a perfect amalgamation of both basic and applied sciences. During this 5 years, students get exposed to different streams of modern biology with an interdisciplinary prospective. All students undertake research project work as an active component of their academic curriculum. Students get ample opportunity conduct original research under the guidance of highly qualified professionals and perform extensive research work for more than 2 years in order to complete their thesis work. The school has several high-end instruments and laboratory facilities to carry out routine as well as state-of-the-art laboratory experiments.

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