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150 years of mahatma


Since the campus is located about 25 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar city, NISER has provided several shuttles to carry satff/students/faculty from the city to the campus & back. Arrangements are made time to time for additional buses to take students for tours & picnics to different locations. NISER has also hired a number of cars for the transport of officials on duty.

Shuttle Schedule for Working Days Only
Bus typeFrom BhubaneswarTo Jatni
Big Bus08:30AM09:15AM
Big Bus08:30AM09:15AM
Big Bus12:30PM01:15PM
Big Bus04:30PM05:15PM
Bus typeFrom JatniTo Bhubaneswar
Big Bus09:30AM10:15AM
Big Bus02:00PM02:45PM
Big Bus06:00PM06:45PM
Big Bus06:00PM06:45PM

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